Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes Design

Net Zero Homes, whether they are newly constructed or renovated, achieve a balance between the energy they produce and the energy they consume. These homes are significantly more energy efficient, up to 80% more, compared to typical new homes. They utilize renewable energy systems to generate the additional energy required. Every component of the house works together to maintain consistent temperatures, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air, reducing dust and allergens. The outcome is exceptional energy performance and unrivaled comfort, representing a leading-edge sustainable living experience. It’s expected that in Canada, all new construction will need to be Net Zero by the year 2030.

Our comprehensive methodology, starting from the initial design phase, fosters a clear understanding of the project among all stakeholders and establishes a collaborative working environment. Throughout all stages of a project, we foster collaboration with our clients, consultants, and builders to create integrated and practical sustainability solutions that inspire and offer comfortable living spaces. Our expertise covers sustainable building design and consulting services for home renovations, extensions, new homes, and other projects with a focus on imaginative, practical, and high-level sustainable outcomes. Our mission is to make sustainable and healthy building practices affordable and accessible to everyone by integrating holistic sustainable principles from the early stages.

This collaborative approach not only saves time but also guarantees the full implementation of aesthetic considerations, healthy building practices, and energy-efficient measures. As a result, projects are delivered on time and within the allocated budget.
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